About Spirit Week

The Re:ForUm is a spiritual community that exists to aid individuals in (re)discovering their original, divine identities. In order to do this, we believe that it is essential that we have a profound understanding of the nature of the Creator/Source/God, which is Spirit. Spirit Week is seven consecutive days of spiritual development designed to align and equip attendees with tools that will empower them to boldly operate from the place of their divine identities. Each night of the conference, we heard from speakers who — from life & professional experience along with their profound spiritual acumen — are equipped to impart knowledge, wisdom, and understanding into the lives of attendees.

Spirit Week is also an opportunity for partners of The Re:ForUm (i.e. “Reformers”) to celebrate their community in a meaningful way. Throughout the course of the week, we heard from individuals who have experienced life-changing moments through their engagement with The Re:ForUm.

2021 Speakers

Spirit Week 2021 Replays

The Spirit of Unity

In this special edition of “from the FORUM,” our panel of Reformers explore the power of unity. Our panelists share — from their own personal journeys of (re)discovering their divine identities — how oneness with God, themselves, and others has transformed their lives.
Panelists: Alisha Lanea, Denisha Ferguson, Ashley Shaw, and Jeremy Washington

The Spirit of Healing

In this session, we explored the different thoughts and beliefs centered around the subject of healing. We discussed the various ways healing manifests and the importance of not limiting it in our personal lives. We also covered the partnership between healing and wholeness.
Speaker: Dr. Clifton Pettyjohn

The Spirit of Reconciliation

By proper definition, reconciliation is the process of making consistent or compatible. In navigating our God identities, it is vital that we maintain a mentality and posture that is aligned with who we are at our root. In this session, we were equipped with insight that will aid us in living in reconciliation with God and others.
Speaker: Pastor Carolyn Edwards

The Spirit of Prophecy

This session is an engagement in understanding the spirit, gift, anointing, and office that speaks the NOW of God.

Speaker: Elliot Carlyle

The Spirit of Truth

“Truth is not for comfort — it’s for liberation. It’s not a medicine — it’s a killer.” (Sadhguru) The topic of truth — specifically the questions of whether of not truth is absolute and what is true — has been the center of debates that span centuries. With so many definitions and opinions, deciphering truth can be a challenge. This session is designed to explore truth to uncover how to both identify and embody it.

Speaker: Michael Weston

The Spirit of Wisdom

“Wisdom has built her house; she has hewn her seven pillars.” (Proverbs 9:1 ESV) The wisdom that is talked about in this verse speaks to our knowledge and the way we understand information. Scientifically the seven pillars are the seven intelligence levels that all humans have. However no two are the same. The way you think is your gift — your creative genius. In this session, Dr. Sequeda Sutton leads us to the path of tapping into the pillars, which are our divine wisdom.

Speaker: Dr. Sequeda Sutton

The Spirit of God

We concluded with the Spirit Week edition of Re:ForUm Worship. During this time of worship and fellowship, we engaged and imposed the Spirit of God to carry us beyond Spirit Week into 2021. This session featured a time of worship and a dramatic presentation by Temara Payton who performed a monologue from “Chain” — a one character play by Pearl Cleage. Our special musical guest was Breon Johnson of Indianapolis, IN.